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The Ulpia Affiliate Program (UAP) is a complete system that capitalizes on giving and contributing to the growth of others. Because that means ULPIA - the community of those who change the game in medicine.

We created UAP to properly reward the knowledge and experience of those who choose to offer.
UAP - out of respect for the doctors who give something to their community.

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Frequently asked questions

You sign up and fill-in your profile.
You create your page event using our template or make it your own. Start sharing the page and gain attendants.

What is the affiliate marketing?

This is the process that generates commision earnings by promoting to other people or companies, different items or services.

In our case, the speakers will be promoting the summit and earn a percent from each ticket that was sold to a user who accessed their unic link (this earning are extra and will not affect the agreed honorarium).

How does it work?

Any user has an individual and dedicated link. For example
When another user (guest) goes to that link, he will find the platform and see it just as if he would access it directly. There is no difference of content or image at all.

The application will automatically register the IP of the guest user into the affiliate’s basket. At he moment of a purchasing coming from that guest with that IP, the application will automatically calculate the percent for the affiliate and the amount will be shown in his/her account.

It is important to realize that not all guests opening the link will become buyers. Commission will be earned only for those who finalize the purchase of a ticket.

How do I get my affiliate link?

You need to login in your personal account on, go to Referral and check the events that you've registered for. Here you can choose the one that you wish to promote, click on it and in the lower part of the site(footer) you will see the Referral link.

How can I check my earnings?

In your personal Account on, use the Referral section to see all statistics related to your affiliate link.

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